Shipping and returns

When will the magazine be shipped?

Once the pre-order has closed, the magazine will be sent to the printer for final printing. At that time, the printing should take approximately 7-10 days to complete. Upon completion, the magazines will be mailed directly to each customer's shipping address at the time of their order. You will receive a tracking number for your order, which can be used to track the status of shipment.

IMPORTANT: If you have a PO Box, you will need to use that as the shipping address.

Are refunds and returns accepted?

We do not accept refunds or returns. All sales are final.

Can international customers purchase the magazine?

Yes, of course! Any customer can purchase the digital version of the magazine in any country.

For the physical magazine, international shipping can be completed to the following countries/zone: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the European Union. International customers are responsible for all tariffs, customs fees, taxes, or duties. Due to the addition of tracking information, the prices for international shipping have increase as compared to prior years.